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Is the UVify Draco 4×4 16-rotor drone the world’s fastest?

UVify has developed a 16 rotor drone that they believe is the world’s fastest and most maneuverable X-Class or Pro-Class drone today. Not only that, but the Draco 4×4 will be used exclusively in the DR1 Racing’s U-Class series in 2019. The Draco 4×4 16 rotor beast will be unveiled and demonstrated at CES 2019.

Draco 4×4

The UVify team was started in 2015 by a group of aerospace, mechanical engineering, and machine vision
specialists. They are behind the Draco 4×4, the 16 rotor behemoth that will be the flagship for the U-Class series for the 2019 DR1 Racing League. The extra rotors should allow these drones to be both more powerful and more maneuverable than the standard four rotor quadcopter. UVify hasn’t released the specs on this machine quite yet.


UVify has been focused on being able to expand the fan base of drone racing and they believe larger drones are a logical step. In an email to they said:

“We will also provide a sneak peek at our prototype design for Season 4, which will be even larger and faster as part and shows our commitment to the advancement of drone technologies as steps to the eventual mass deployment of flying cars. After running the Draco-X for the DHL commercial in DR1 Racing season 2 we formed a two-year technology partnership with DR1 Racing to develop this (and something even larger for Season 4—2020) as we believe that the future of drone racing as spectator sport (and transportation) requires larger drones and UVify is committed to being at the forefront of technology.”

If you’d like to fly one of these Draco 4×4 machines it looks like there will be a conversion kit available for purchase. Also on display at CES 2019 will be the kit to convert your Draco or Draco HD into the 16 rotor Draco 4×4. This kit will be available from UVify Labs.

Other UVify Drones

If you aren’t quite ready for the Draco 4×4 then you may want to take a look at the Oori. UVify started off with a simple mission – to make drone racing more accessible to the masses. The UVify Oori is a super small and super fast racing drone for beginners.

best drone 500

Not only are they producing racing drones, but UVify is also launching a new swarm of drones to light up the night sky. Their IFO drone is a highly programmable quadcopter built to be able to perform light shows. Learn more about that here.



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