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UVify IFO looks to give competition to the Intel Shooting Star.

Look out for a new light show drone at CES 2019, where UVify will officially launch their new swarm drone, the IFO. Intel grabs most of the headlines when it comes to drones and light shows. Ehang also made a big splash when they performed a large show over the Great Wall of China. Now UVify brings their IFO drone to the light show market with a different angle, a swarm drone that anyone can buy.

A brief history of drone light shows

Back in July Intel regained the record for the most drones in the air with 2,018 Shooting Stars flown simultaneously. Ehang, always eager to grab headlines, had briefly held the record earlier in the year with over 1,300 drones airborne.

Here is a list of previous major shows, all covered by DroneDJ.

What makes the UVify IFO different?

The details are still scarce and we hope to learn more at CES. One stat we have is the flight time. UVify tells us that the IFO can stay aloft for up to 25 minutes. That time bests Intel’s Shooting Star by 5 minutes. UVify also promises to make their drones available to the public through a service agreement.


Take a look under the hood of the UVify IFO

Here is what UVify had to say in an email to DroneDJ.

UVify will officially launch IFO, a new swarm drone designed from the ground up for indoor and outdoor lightshows. With a flight time of as long as 25 minutes, IFO is the longest flying lightshow swarm drone on the market. Additionally, IFO is the first lightshow swarm drone in the world available to the general public though a service agreement with the UVify drone as a service (DaaS).


The LEDs on the IFO can be seen from all sides and from below, as shown.

Who is UVify

UVify has been making some major inroads into the drone racing world. They started off with a simple mission – to make drone racing more accessible to the masses. The UVify Oori is a super small and super fast racing drone for beginners.

Their latest Draco drone has been selected as the official racing drone of the 2019 DR1 racing circuit. UVify is definitely a company to keep an eye on and we can’t wait to see the IFO lighting up the skies.


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