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DJI Airworks: How the FAA Reauthorization will impact your drone business

The Commercial UAV Policy Panel (The new drone policy era ahead – How FAA Reauthorization will impact your business) was one of the most informing panels, I attended during DJI’s Airworks 2018. It provided an update and perspective of what commercial drone operators can expect now that the FAA Reauthorization Act has been signed into law. The panel consisted of some heavyweights from the drone industry, including three lawyers and a few pilots. All of them, experts on the subject matter.

I tried to capture the entire session on camera but unfortunately missed a little bit at the beginning and towards the end due to battery switching, full memory cards, etc. Either way, if you are a commercial drone operator and want to find out what the latest is, I highly recommend watching the video below.

How the FAA Reauthorization will impact your drone business

Brendan Schulman hosted the panel and made sure that all the pressing topics were discussed. The session started out with the FAA Reauthorization Act being explained by Danielle Corbett, Aviation Safety Inspector from the FAA, after which Brian Wynne President and CEO from AUVSI expanded on it.

The session covered many aspects that concerns both commercial and even hobbyist drone pilots, such as the repeal of section 336, remote identification (proposal expected May 2019), flying over people, drone flying at night or night-time operations, beyond-visual-line-of-sight, safety, security and counter UAS measures, LAANC, Uniform Law Commission (ULC), federal, state and local, UTM, UAS IPP, waivers, and more.

The video is about one hour long but definitely worth watching if you are in the drone business. See the timestamps below if you want to skip to a certain section.

The Commercial UAV Policy Panel

The Commercial UAV Policy Panel consisted of the following people:

Video timestamps

Timestamps to some of the topics that were discussed.

  • FAA Reauthorization – 3:00
  • Repeal of section 336, replaced by section 349 – 4:22
  • AUVSI’s perspective on FAA Reauthorization – 5:22
  • Counter UAS – 8:20
  • Federal, state and local – 13:53
  • Uniform Law Commission (ULC) – 17:12
  • UAS IPP – 22:08
  • Remote identification – 23:48
  • LAANC – 28:29
  • UTM – 30:44
  • Flying over people, night-time operations, beyond-visual-line-of-sight – 35:42
  • Safety, security, and counter UAS measures – 40:10
  • Model Aircraft, Knowledge test, Repeal of Section 336 – 44:55
  • Waiver process – 52:17


FAA Path to UAS Integration



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