DroneRise – The Ural Air, a motorcycle with a DJI Spark integrated!

Good morning, today’s video is from one of DJI’s partners, Ural Motorcycles. They have developed a limited edition motorbike, the Ural Air, that includes a DJI Spark drone. If you’re into retro motorbikes and like to fly drones this may be the bike for you. If you’re not into motorbikes, well you may still like this video for its ingenuity. Check it out!

As far as the headlines go, we have news for you on the Hubsan Zino drone and the Xiaomi FIMI A3 drones. Both promise to compete with the DJI Spark. We’re trying to get our hands on both these models to put them through the test so stay tuned! Furthermore, we have an article about the Uniform Law Commission and how their proposed legislation may hinder our hobby or work. And lastly, news about the Phantom 4 drone pilot who got fined and grounded after repeatedly ignoring warnings from the Canadian Mounties. Grab your coffee and jump right in!

Last, but maybe the most important news for today is that DroneDJ is present at DJI’s AirWorks 2018 event for commercial drone operators and enterprise customers in Dallas, TX. And, today DJI has a special event in the ‘works’ so stay tuned and we will bring you their latest news shortly!

Yesterday’s headlines

Today’s video

Ural Motorcycles have come up with a smart idea to combine two of my favorite pastimes, flying drones (duh!) and riding motorbikes. The limited edition Ural Air lets you bring your DJI Spark with you on your rides. You can even bring a friend or loved-one along for the ride as well. The company tells us that:

“A specially designed compartment opens on the nose of the sidecar, revealing a DJI Spark drone. The drone controller is firmly attached to the sidecar with custom made RAM Mount. The sidecar passenger, turned navigator, can use the Spark’s video capturing technologies to gain the bird’s eye view of the path ahead. Ural Air comes in Slate Grey metallic colorway with satin finish and features all black powertrain. Standard equipped with on-demand 2 wheel drive and sidecar mounted spare wheel this Gear Up based model takes you further. As with previous Limited Edition Urals, there’s always an added bonus – Ural Air comes with a windsock…on a selfie stick. After all, you can’t operate a drone ship without proper wind tracking technology.”

They even include a windsock. Gotta love it!

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