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Anafi Update – New flight modes, better price…

Parrot announced an update and new pricing for the Parrot Anafi. This new Anafi update adds the ability to do more your Anafi. New features include HDR in both video and photos, hyperlapse video options, more cinematic flight modes, better dolly zoom options, and three more follow-me modes. These updates make this drone, which is one of my personal favorites, even better.

In addition to these new features, the base price has dropped to $649, with the option for a $799 extended bundle. The bundle includes two batteries, a travel bag and a handful of other accessories. Parrot continues to improve the Anafi, giving DJI’s Mavic Air ($799) better competition.

Parrot Anafi Update

The Parrot Anafi firmware update allows users to capture HDR video in 1080p with a wider dynamic range. Finally, Parrot is providing the features it first promised when the Anafi was released. The Anafi can also now shoot HDR photos. I’ve used HDR photos on a number of drones and cameras with mixed results, but I’ve never tested HDR video. Does the Anafi record 3 exposures for every frame at 30 frames per second? Does it work well?  I haven’t tested this yet, so it remains to be seen how well this feature will work.

anafi vs mavic air

When the Anafi was first released the dolly zoom feature was really cool, but also limited. Until now, it was only available as a selfie feature. Pilots couldn’t dolly zoom anything effectively but themselves. Now you can use the dolly zoom on any point of interest or object. This is something we have been asking for, and Parrot has delivered. Now dolly zoom should work more like it does on the Mavic Zoom.

Parrot has quickly followed the Mavic 2 ($1,299) with the introduction of hyperlapse. Now the Anafi can take hyperlapse video sped up 15, 30, 60, 120 or 240 times normal video speed. Hyperlapse can be used in a variety of different flight modes. When you speed up video it can frequently look very shaky due to small amounts of positional or angular drift in the drone. DJI touts their ability to correct for this with advanced image processing. Does the Anafi hyperlapse look as good as DJI’s? We will need to test that.

Parrot has added a new “spiral cineshot” mode with this new Anafi update. In the spiral mode the Anafi will fly upwards in a spiral and keep the camera focused on the center of an object. This is yet another mode that DJI doesn’t have. So far the advanced modes of the Anafi have been executed well, we expect that the spiral mode will be no exception.

parrot anafi

There are also three new tracking modes with this Anafi update. Path, Lock and Dynamic. Path will follow the subject from behind. Lock is similar, but keeps a constant distance while maintaining yaw to help keep the background framed. Dynamic will keep a consistent distance and angle from its subject.

These new modes with the cut in price make the Anafi an even more attractive drone. The $799 extended bundle puts it into the same price range as the Mavic Air, but will give you a travel bag as well as a second battery. The travel bag is a great addition. As of right now, I still don’t have a proper case for mine, so I am jealous of those who can take advantage of this deal.

The Anafi is a better machine than ever. It gives people considering the Mavic Air another option to consider. Click here to learn more about the Anafi or here to order one.

parrot anafi update drone


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