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Parrot Anafi price cut to $599

Parrot recently cut the price of the Anafi by $100, lowering it to $599. That puts the Anafi right between the $399 Spark and $799 Mavic Air. If you were thinking the Anafi was priced a little too close to the Mavic Air, you may have been correct. This offer may come to an end on October 20, so now may be the best time to buy an Anafi. You can also choose to bundle an extra smart battery with your Anafi for $699. The Anafi was already one of my favorite drones under $100, and the new Anafi price makes this drone even more appealing For a full review of the Anafi, click here.

What’s a better deal, Anafi, Spark, or Mavic Air?

While there is no doubt that the Anafi is a superior drone to the DJI Spark, one can certainly debate whether the Anafi or the Mavic Air is the better drone. The Anafi features a digital zoom camera with a unique lookup ability. The intelligent flight modes are what you would expect from a high-level aerial photography drone. The biggest drawback of the Anafi is that its camera sits on a two-axis gimbal.

The footage you get from the Anafi is stabilized in all three axes, but the yaw stabilization is done electronically. With its 4000-meter range, the Anafi has double the range of the Spark (2000 meters). The Anafi also bests the Spark’s 16-minute flight time by 9 minutes. Is the Anafi worth an upgrade over the Spark? Absolutely.

anafi vs mavic air

At the end of the day, you can make a case for either the Anafi or the Mavic Air. They are both great little drones.
The Mavic’s 1/2.3 sensor seems to be just a little bit more crisp, and the video footage from the Anafi tends to look a bit grainy. The true mechanical three-axis gimbal of the Mavic Air is definitely an improvement for video quality, but it lacks the ability to look up more than a few degrees.

The Mavic Air has both front and rear obstacle avoidance sensors, a major bonus in the eyes of many pilots. The Anafi has no obstacle avoidance. The The Anafi and Mavic Air have identical ranges (4000 meters). With a flight time of 25 minutes, the Anafi can fly longer than the Mavic Air, which can only stay aloft for 20-21 minutes.

Tired of specs yet? At the end of the day, you can make a case for either the Anafi or the Mavic Air. They are both great little drones.

spark vs anafi

Some might argue the Anafi is a better drone than the Mavic Air. The Anafi has some interesting features. From an artistic standpoint, I agree with that the unique gimbal and ability to zoom provide creative options not available on the Mavic Air. However, the Mavic Air camera is a better all-around drone. That said, with a new price point that is $200 less than the Mavic Air, the Parrot Anafi is looking like a great deal.

Amazon has a package deal that includes an extra battery. Getting a second battery is key to enjoying your Anafi, so I recommend you go for that package if you are sold on the Anafi. The Anafi may not be available at this reduced price for much longer, so act now if you have been on the fence about buying an Anafi.

Click here to order the Parrot Anafi, or here to learn more about it.

Check out a detailed comparison video below if you want to see more.



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