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Drones will soon be delivering drinks and food at a golf course in North Dakota

Nothing is better than a nice relaxing day on the golf course, playing with friends and family, trying not to make a fool of yourself at the tee box. With that said, there is also nothing worse than being held up by a group in front of you or a pesky cart girl carrying drinks, awkwardly creeping up from behind as you try to concentrate on the game. A company by the name of Flytrex wants to take carts carrying food out of the mix and deliver food to golfers via drones.

How delivery by drone works

As seen in the video below, golfers scattered across multiple holes on the course order food and drinks by an application from their phone. Whether it be a water, Gatorade, a bag of chips, or even a hot sandwich like a cheeseburger, they can all be delivered from the air. Once this order is received by the clubhouse, the items are gathered together and placed in a small bag that is lowered to the ground. This ensures the consumer’s safety as the drone stays at a higher altitude. This first test run was conducted at King’s Walk Golf Course in Grand Forks, N.D. and proves to be the first food delivery by drone on a golf course.

Convenience vs. noise factor

Golf is a game of respect that often results in whispers between groups as not to disturb others focusing on their game. If your local course hasn’t made the switch to electric carts yet, you know the pain of having to hear old school carts polluting the area, but could you imagine drones flying overhead?

It’s not like we are talking about the new Mavic 2 with its low noise propellers or the smaller Spark that can fit in the palm of your hand, these delivery drones are big and they are loud. In the video above, we saw the hexacopter being used take to the skies with a loud thrust. Anyone looking for some peace and quiet will be incredibly annoyed at the sound of that buzzing overhead each day. I think I’ll just stick to buying my food and drinks from the cart girl.

What do you think about drinks delivered by drone on a golfcourse? Let us know in the comments below.


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Photo credit: Robots Champion