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DJI pushes its July 18th ‘Bigger Picture’ event back, cites user experience and standard of innovation factors

Just now, DJI pushed back to an undisclosed date its July 18th “See the Bigger Picture” event due to what seems to be the (drone) technology not being ready… Needless to say, DJI’s announcement comes as a big surprise less than two weeks away from what would have been a global product launch on July 18th. The drone maker told us that they are working on establishing a new date and will announce that as soon as possible.

DJI’s event was widely expected to be the upgrade to the Mavic Pro or another new product line based on similar form factor. The Chinese drone maker informed invitees to the event about the postponement in an email today. We received the following note from one of our contacts within DJI:

Thank you for RSVP’ing for the ‘See the Bigger Picture’ event on July 18th. Today we are making the difficult decision to push back the event. DJI is committed to introducing the most high-quality, cutting-edge technology in the market. We will postpone ‘See the Bigger Picture’ so we can deliver according to our standard of innovation. User experience is our top priority, and we wanted to ensure we can exceed our customers’ expectations for our technology by the time of the event. Please stay tuned for more information. Thank you for your continued interest and support.

While the postponement of the event is certainly a letdown for DJI fans who hoped to snap the device up this summer, it is particularly hard on folks (like us!) who already booked international travel for the event and arranged summer vacation plans around it.

Stay tuned to DroneDJ for updates on when the new date is announced and any more rumors about what will [eventually] be launched.