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Couple who used a drone to deliver drugs given jail time

With the potential of drones growing every day, more and more uses are found for them to complete tasks more efficiently. A couple in Riverside County, California abused the use of their drone as they delivered drugs to clients in a parking lot from their own house. The man and woman have since been arrested and are both facing jail time as a result of their actions.

How they were caught

Police in the area were alerted of potential drug dealing out of the property where the couple resided. Detectives surveilled the house and noticed a drone fly from the backyard to a public parking lot down the street where a few recipients were waiting. Once the contents were dropped from the aircraft, all of the people waiting left the lot.

Prior to this incident, investigators obtained a search warrant. Hypodermic syringes, methamphetamine, and a large amount of fentanyl were also found throughout the house which ultimately landed the couple behind bars.


Benjamin Paul Baldasarre and Ashley Lauren Carroll were each given different sentences after pleading guilty. Baldasarre was sentenced to two years and eight months in state prison while Carroll was sentenced to a year in county jail and 36 months probation. Both were taken from their house with no resistance to arrest.

Baldasarre’s 9-year-old daughter, found in the house, was turned over to Child Protective Services who are now caring for her. She was unharmed from the incident.

What does this mean for drones?

Many people know that drones can be and are being used for good causes, however, as with anything else in life, you can also use them for not so great things, such as drug deliveries. It is unfortunate as these negative stories around drones might hinder or slow down widespread adoption of the unmanned aerial systems. With industry leaders such as DJI continuing to make drones better and cheaper, it comes as no surprise that more people are getting their hands on one. Including the ones that have less honorable use-cases in mind.


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