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DJI FCC filing for a new ‘Multilink’ wireless communication device – FCC ID SS3-NB06251803

Just now we discovered that DJI had filed for an FCC certificate (FCC ID SS3-NB06251803) for a new ‘Multilink’ wireless communication device. It seems to be a unit that you would wear over your ear or that works in conjunction with such a unit, and that is connected wirelessly to a controller. In the filing, it shows both the DJI Cendence and C1 controller. The unit works over both 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz frequencies. In the documents that accompany the filing, there is a lot of talk about Phantoms and Phantom 5, however, that seems to refer to testing equipment and not to any new drones. It is uncertain if this filing has any connection with the upcoming product launch on July 18th.

DJI Multilink

This evening we learned about a new DJI FCC filing (FCC ID SS3-NB06251803) that seems to cover a new ‘Multilink’ wireless communication device. At this point, not much is know about this new DJI product. It is unsure whether this filing is at all related to the upcoming product launch on July 18th.

In the filing, the radio frequency exposure from the device is tested at various positions in relation to the human body, for instance, when it is being held close to the body back middle, handheld top middle, and other positions.

In other parts of the filing, we see illustrations of the device, which almost looks like a cell phone from about 15 years ago, worn over the ear. it is unclear whether DJI’s Multilink device is separate or includes the headpiece. As with many other DJI filings, this one has a 45-day secrecy cycle with puts us well over July 18th. However, it does not seem at this point that the DJI Multilink device has any connection for the highly anticipated product launch of July 18th. This device seems more aimed at perhaps first responders or other commercial drone operators, where a control center works with one or more drone pilots and they need to be able to communicate with each other quickly and effortlessly.

In the filing it says the following:

Test Positions for Device Operating Next to a Person’s Ear:

“This category includes most wireless handsets with fixed, retractable or internal antennas located toward the top half of the device, with or without a foldout, sliding or similar keypad cover. The handset should have its earpiece located within the upper ¼ of the device, either along the centerline or off-centered, as perceived by its users. This type of handset should be positioned in a normal operating position with the “test device reference point” located along the “vertical centerline” on the front of the device aligned to the “ear reference point”. The “test device reference point” should be located at the same level as the center of the earpiece region. The “vertical centerline” should bisect the front surface of the handset at its top and bottom edges. A “ear reference point” is located on the outer surface of the head phantom on each ear spacer. It is located 1.5 cm above the center of the ear canal entrance in the “phantom reference plane” defined by the three lines joining the center of each “ear reference point” (left and right) and the tip of the mouth.”

Lastly, in the filing there is a lot of reference to a Phantom 5, however, this is not a reference to the drone but test equipment as you can see here.

FCC filing reports are not always easy to decipher. Let us know in the comments below, what you think the purpose is for this new DJI ‘Multilink’ device.


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