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Instead of getting your pizza delivered by drone, what if the drone was the actual pizza?

Two Spanish YouTubers, called deDrones did just that. They set out to see if they could actually build a drone made of pizza and fly it. Without giving away the plot, you can imagine that it takes a special kind of pizza to be able to carry the weight of the battery, flight controller, camera, etc and deal with the forces that are created by the propellers during flight. Watch the short video below to see if the pizza-drone actually flies. Come to think of it, this is not the first time we covered an edible drone.

Pizza delivered by pizza-drone

One of the creators, Eric Ponce Rodríguez, told Digital Trends:

“I did it more than anything to entertain my YouTube audience. On my channel, I have a section called ‘rare drones,’ which consists of trying to fly drones that are a bit out of the ordinary. In this case, I made a pizza and tried to make it fly. To do this, I baked the base of the pizza to be very hard, and then added all the components of a normal racing drone: Motors, ESCs (electronic speed controls), flight controller, propellers, camera, and a battery. Once I finished, I started to add cheese, pepperoni and green pepper as if it were a real pizza.”

Watch the video below if you have about 10 minutes to spare and want a good laugh. I know what I’ll be getting for lunch today! ;-)

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