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Dutch landscape photographer captures tulips from the sky and creates stunning aerial photos

Dutch landscape photographer Albert Dros uses his drone to capture the tulip fields from the sky. Depending on the weather, the tulips and other flowers will show themselves from late April into early May. Especially in the Western part of the country, around Lisse, the fields of flowers can seem endless and people traveling from all over the world to see their beauty.

Flowers as far as your eyes can see

Certain parts of The Netherlands change into endless fields of flowers. Especially in the Western part of the country where I am originally from. I remember my grandparents taking me to the ‘Keukenhof‘ and these fields with rows of flowers in various colors. Back then I did not appreciate it as much, but when I now see these fields I understand why tourists come from all over the world to view this spectacle.

Award-winning, Dutch landscape photographer Albert Dros recently took his drone to the sky to photograph the flower spectacle. The amazing aerial photos he took were taken in the Flevopolder, where flowers are grown as well. Enjoy!

Albert Dros: “This was captured by a drone. A very wide tulip field leading into the distance, almost like an arrow.”

Albert Dros: “Does this make you think of the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian?”

Albert Dros: “Another photo with the drone, playing with lines and colors. These look like racetracks.”

Albert Dros: “Here’s another top-down shot from beheaded tulips. The color just moves from the lines itself to in between.”

Albert Dros: “Another shot of flying over the Flevopolder with a drone.”

Albert Dros: “Ever played Sim City? Then this might look familiar. This top-down shot totally reminded me of that videogame. This was taken high up from a plane.”

Albert Dros: “Getting up closer with top-down photography with a drone allows me to get a bit more abstract by playing with lines and colors.”

Albert Dros: “Pink tulips and blue skies with patchy clouds. The Flevopolder at its best!”

Albert Dros: “Dark skies with stormy weather makes the flowers really pop.”

Albert Dros: “Here’s a top down shot of myself controlling the drone above the flowers.”

Albert Dros: “Seeing the flowers from the sky looks like a videogame. This is mainly because of the Dutch landscape in general which consists of perfect straight lines.”

Albert Dros: “As I live in Amersfoort, the most convenient location for me to capture the tulips is the ‘Flevopolder’. This shot is the Flevopolder captured from an airplane.”

Albert Dros: “It’s great to experiment with top-down shots with a drone above the tulips. Some rows give the possibility to try abstract things. Here you see rows of red tulips with 1 row ending earlier, and a lonely red tulip in front of the ending one, almost like he’s saying ‘stop’.”

Albert Dros: “By flying the drone over these fields we see visuals that are almost abstract. They look like a carpet.”

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Photos: courtesy of Albert Dros. See his website, Facebook, and Instagram for more photos and information.



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