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DroneRise – Mavic Pro 2 mass production rumors, missing Waypoints for Mavic Air

Good morning! Busy day today. I am trying to go to the Fan Day at the DJI store in NYC to see what is going on there. But not until I upload two new videos to YouTube. One is about an ActiveTrack test for the Mavic Air and the second one is a max distance test for DJI’s newest drone. So, stay tuned.

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Today’s video

Today’s video shows the beauty of Mauritius Island. A wonderful place that is high on list of islands to go to still. One day, one day! ;-) The short film is almost two years old already and was uploaded by Crazy Stupid Drone. What’s in a name, right? Anyway, enjoy!

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Note II: If you are in the market for the new DJI Mavic Air, check out this article with tips on where you can buy it.



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