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Best DJI Mavic Air reviews on YouTube

DJI made sure to provide many YouTubers with their new DJI Mavic Air ahead of the official launch so that there would be a large number of reviews available for people to watch. We went through a lot of the reviews to find the best ones and bring them to you. So, here we go.

The DJI Mavic Air reviewed on YouTube

Most of the reviews posted on YouTube are in English but we also came across a number of reviews in German, Portuguese and Spanish. Furthermore, we included two clips that show the quality of the Mavic Air’s 4K and 2.7K footage.

Enjoy watching them and let us know if you have a good one that we have missed!

One of the most entertaining ones, Casey Neistat’s review.

iPhonedo’s review of the DJI Mavic Air

iPhonedo’s comparison of the Mavic Air vs the Spark and the Mavic Pro

Devin Graham (Super Tramp) is reviewing the Mavic Air. This is actually his first ‘small drone’

Itchban’s cinematic footage filmed by the Mavic Air

More 4K footage from the Mavic Air from Coptermaniac

Drone Nerds reviewed the Mavic Air in this 7-minute video

Tom’s Tech Time’s (Tom David Frey) lengthy (27 minutes) and super detailed review is here

Tom’s Tech Time’s (Tom David Frey) tests the Mavic Air’s camera

Ready Set Drone’s reviewing the Red Mavic Air

A lengthy (18 min) but very detailed review from We Talk UAV

SuperSaf TV review the Mavic Air

JinnyboyTV Hangouts is unboxing the Mavic Air

Jose Technofanatico reviews the Mavic Air for you in Spanish

Andre Pilli unboxes and reviews the Mavic Air in Portuguese

Travel and Share review the Mavic Air in Portuguese

Drohnenhandbuch’s (Tom David Frey) review in German

Cheng reviews the drone in German

Chip provides test footage and a review of the Mavic Air in German

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