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Latest Apple Park drone footage shows landscaping & final touches starting to take shape

As we head into 2018, Apple is continuing final touches on its new Apple Park headquarters. The latest drone footage from Duncan Sinfield shows the work Apple has completed over recent months, as well as areas where work continues…

As has been the case in most of the recent done updates showcasing Apple Park, much of the work that still remains is landscaping. While the inner part of the spaceship ring is starting to flourish, the outside is still barren in most places as landscaping continues.

One notable thing about this video is that much of the larger construction equipment is no longer present around Apple Park. This signals that the company is nearly completed with construction after years of work.

We also get a brief look at Steve Jobs Theater in the new flyover. Apple, of course, held its iPhone X event at Steve Jobs Theater back in September, offering a clear look at both the interior and exterior.

Furthermore, Apple opened the Apple Park Visitor Center to the public back in November, and we were there for the event. The Visitor Center is home to an Apple Store housing exclusive Apple Park merchandise and much more.

It’s been incredibly interesting to watch Apple Park take shape over recent years. Come next month, it will have been officially 1 year since Apple announced naming for Apple Park and Steve Jobs Theater.

Keep up with the latest Apple Park in our continually updated guide right here. Watch today’s new video below.