DJI Phantom 5 – our wishlist for specifications and other improvements

We already published our wishlists for the DJI Mavic Pro and the DJI Spark. Here is our wishlist with desired specifications for the Phantom 5. This list is a little different. With both the Spark and the Mavic Pro portability is key. Those drones need to be small, light and capable. With DJI Phantom quality is the main concern. Quality in the photos and the video footage. Let’s get started.


Our wishlist for the DJI Phantom 5.

Hardware improvements:

  • Packaging – Smaller, lighter and faster is always better but with the Phantom, we want to see image quality at the top of the list. Keep the packaging the same. It’s fine.
  • Longer – Increased flight time would be a great improvement for any drone, including this one.
  • Quieter – Due to its size and propeller noise, the Phantom can be somewhat intimidation for bystanders. Redesigned propellers a la the Mavic Pro Platinum would be great!
  • Retractable landing gear – This would be amazing as it would allow the gimbal to spin freely and use all 360 degrees.
  • Propellers – please keep them out of view. Especially when flying forwards at higher speeds.
  • Detect and avoid – obstacle avoidance that would prevent the drone from flying into an obstacle when going upwards would be an important improvement for commercial pilots (inspections, construction, etc.)
  • USB-C – The ability to charge the drone directly by means of a USB-C cable would make for a more portable and user-friendly drone.
  • Gimbal – Please keep the horizon straight when flying sideways at higher speeds, in higher winds.
  • Colors – Keep both the white and obsidian colors
  • An RTK version… ahem.

Software improvements:

  • Improved ActiveTrack – ActiveTrack should be more responsive and also be able to follow the subject when going downhill.
  • Faster startup – Faster startup times so that you can start flying your drone sooner.

Photo and video quality:

  • Larger sensor – Would be nice but not sure if that is possible as it would impact the camera and gimbal
  • Interchangeable or zoom lens – The ability to swap out lenses would make the Phantom 5 a mini Inspire. If that is not possible, a zoom lens would be a great alternative. See OSMO+.
  • Improved low-light performance – Either by larger aperture or increase ISO and noise reduction
  • ND filters – Should be included or better yet integrated into the camera
  • Resolution – Increase resolution to 24 MP
  • Improved video quality – a higher frame rate or better codec would be great


  • Better customer service
  • Improved DJI Go 4 app with new features and better response rate
  • Pricing should be kept in line with current range of Phantom 4 series, i.e. $1,000 – $1,500
  • Availability: CES 2018, please

What would you like to see in the new DJI Phantom 5? Let us know in the comments below.


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