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Drone pilot helps child unknowingly swimming near sharks escape just in time [Video]

Drone pilots spot sharks in coastal waters often enough that we have an entire category dedicated to the topic here at DroneDJ, but not always do these encounters mean a potential life saved thanks to an eagle-eyed quadcopter pilot. In the latest of these stories, a drone pilot spotted a young boy swimming near sharks in the Bahamas, and yelled to alert him of their presence just in time…

In this story, a young boy can be seen swimming relatively near shore, while four sharks swimming in shallow water approach him slowly. The drone operator, one Artem Tkachenko, says he saw the sharks swimming toward the boy in live time while flying his drone and yelled at him to quickly come out of the water. Thankfully, the encounter ends well, with the boy making it out of the water in time and the sharks swimming on their merry way.

Shark attacks are relatively rare in the grand scheme of things — from 2005 to 2014, six people per year died worldwide on average — but it’s crazy to see just how often drones capture these potentially deadly encounters. Just last week, we told you about a swimmer in the mediterranean sea who was captured via drone swimming near a shark that was bigger than him — about 8 feet long.

Check out the video about the boy swimming in the Bahamas below.

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