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PITTA is the first all-in-one transformative 4K selfie drone

A new Kickstarter funded drone is attempting to change the way we record video in our daily lives. It’s called PITTA and it can transform from an action camera to a drone to a mountable in a matter seconds. PITTA’s main goal is to give you the opportunity to get the best shots when you are out having a good time.

The PITTA camera can work as an aerial, handheld, wearable or mountable. It’s actually all of these cameras in one tiny package. With PITTA you get a complete system packed into a single device. It measures at only 6.7 inches around. And it’s light too, only weighing 7 oz, so you can take it with you everywhere you go without adding weight. PITTA is truly as light and portable as a smart phone that you can hold in one hand. This makes takeoff and landing really easy, even out from your palm.

As soon as you open the box, you’ll see that you now have a cameradrone and an action camera all-in-one, so you’ll be able to capture in all different points of views. You can even dock the PITTA onto the charging cradle to use it as a live streaming home security camera when you are between filming sessions outdoors. They also provide a manual flight interface to provide you with even more options with the types of shots you capture. It’s even more portable when you take into account the foldable wings. In addition to saving you space, folding out the wings when attached to the camera body will lock the drone modules tightly to the camera module to prevent it from falling off.

When you’re ready to use your PITTA, just snap on the drone module (it will clip in magnetically) and get PITTA off the ground to hover in the air. Plus, with its auto-follow mode on, you can start recording in no time with it focusing on the experience automatically. If you want to get it down to the ground for level shots, just snap on the action cam module on any standard action camera mount to start recording your fun times.

PITTA has already earned over $200,000 on its original $50,000 goal. If you would like to try PITTA for yourself, you can pledge $289 or more to get the basic kit from its Kickstarter campaign site. That’s currently the lowest offer available from the site’s early bird specials. If all goes as planned, shipping to backers is estimated for May of 2018.