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Photographer captures Urban Jungle of Hong Kong with Phantom 4 drone [video]

Photographer Andy Yeung shows off the urban sprawl of the city of Hong Kong. Initially, Yeung used a regular DSLR camera to capture this multicultural and bustling city but in 2015 he switched to drone cameras from DJI, the Phantom series to be precise. On his website, he said: “Two years ago, I discovered a new passion for aerial photography. I put together several aerial series including Urban Jungle, which attracted international attention. My recent 360-degree photos went viral on Facebook and been shared thousands of times”.

About Andy Yeung

“My name is Andy Yeung and I’m a photographer keen on landscape, architecture and aerial photography. A decade has past since I picked up my very first camera in 2005. I’m still in love…with the the creative process in photography. As a born-and-raised Hong Konger, I learned to cull inspiration from the familiar especially when coming up with shots of this over photographed city. Capturing great moments and transforming what I’ve seen into something new and artistic is a rewarding experience”.

Just today, DJI published a video on Facebook interviewing Andy Yeung and showing his work. We, at DroneDJ, are big fans of #straightdown photography and we have come across Yeung’s work on Instagram a number of times. As amazing Hong Kong is from street level, once you see the arial perspective it is like a whole new world opens up with perspectives and views that would normally escape your eye. Drones, however, are the key to unlocking these amazing cityscapes and landscapes.

Find out more about Andy Yeung on his website, Facebook or Instagram account.


Come on. get a cup of coffee or a tea. Kick back and watch this video. It is worth it.



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