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Missing dog found after 3 days with help from DJI Inspire drone

A couple from Marshfield, WI is thankful to be reunited with their dog that had gone missing in the marshes for three days. Mollie and Steve Schrodi told NewsChannel 7 how last Saturday a routine trail walk in the McMillan Marsh with their Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Jax took a turn for the worse.

“He had seen something and took off after it. And wouldn’t come back, I didn’t hear anything from him,” Steve Schrodi said.

Devastated the couple ended up going home later that night without their loved four-footer.

“He just brings so much energy to our house. When he was not there, it was so quiet,” Mollie Schrodi explained. “And not in a good way.”

The Schrodis then posted their dog missing on social media as they and other volunteers tried to find Jax without succes. A local drone pilot Branden Bodendorfer found out about he missing dog and he figured he had just the right tool to find Jax, a DJI Inspire drone.

“We searched just over 360 acres in a couple of hours,” Bodendorfer said.

It wasn’t until Tuesday that they were able to locate missing Jax.

“He started to bark when he saw the camera, and that helped us locate him,” Bodendorfer explained. “There was a lot of tears yesterday, throughout the day, but that moment was just amazing.”

“We were just overjoyed to have him back. “He looked perfect! I was so surprised, at how good he looked, I was expecting the worst,” Mollie Schrodi added.

Bodendorfer says he was simply doing the right thing.

“Today it was a dog. Tomorrow it could be someone’s grandma, it could be someone’s child,” Bodendorfer explained. “I think anytime you can get out and exercise, train and try to successfully help somebody, you have to do it. That’s our role as humans.”

Bodendorfer is a hero in the eyes of the Schrodis. Now they will be able to spend many more happy walks together with their friendly canine.

“He saved Jax. There’s no doubt about it. He is the reason we have Jax,” Mollie Schrodi said.

The McMillan Marsh is approximately 6,500 acres in size.



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