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Drone commercial to help sell used 1996 Honda Accord

Ok – this doesn’t have that much to do with drones but it is so good, I wanted to share it with you all.

With help of his friends, Max Lanman wrote and directed this short clip. Lanman put this short commercial together to help his girlfriend sell her used 1996 Honda Accord on eBay. The video starts out talking about the girlfriend and how she is different and unique. She doesn’t care about things and the used Honda Accord is perfectly fine for her to get from A to B.

Selling a used 1996 Honda Accord

The video starts with his ‘girlfriend’ getting ready to start her day. She fixes her hair while looking in the mirror attached to the inside of the trunk lid, she then gets in her car, drives off and pours herself a cup of coffee from the coffee maker in the passenger seat, while listening to music from her old iPod. Yep, she is unique!

The video tells how she doesn’t care about things and her car is just:

“A car for people who have life figured out and just need a way to get somewhere.”

The video ends with some beautiful cinematic drone shots and even though there is a lot more to making this video, the drone footage does add that dramatic viewpoint and helps to make this awesome commercial. Watch it below!

Btw – videos like this one, if you know how to make them, don’t hurt when you are trying to sell a car on eBay. The bidding started out at $495, and is now at $20,600! Oh, and the video has been viewed by more than 480k people, which should bring in some extra advertising money. Some people are even suggesting this guy should pursue a career in advertising, that is if he hasn’t already done so!

Well done!

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