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Drone captured video of a boat capsizing in Jupiter Inlet

Drone pilot Kevin Cadby captured a video with his drone of a boat capsizing in Jupiter Inlet, Florida. A 13-year old surfer who was nearby witnessed the event and came to the unfortunate boater’s rescue.

Second wave surprises boater

Cadby told Fox News that he was flying his drone at the Jupiter Inlet as he sometimes does when he saw the boat coming in. He decided to follow the boat with his drone and captured this dramatic footage.

“The wind was blowing in at 20+ miles per hour, that inlet can be treacherous,” Cadby said.

As the drone was following the boat, the video shows that a second wave came from behind and pushed the boat forward, burying the bow into the back of the wave in front of him. This resulted in the boat slowing down while still being pushed from behind. The boat then veered off to the side and was capsized by the second wave. As you can see in the drone video, it all happened very quickly.

13-year old surfer saves the day

Luckily a 13-year old surfer, Sam Ruskin, witnessed the event and quickly paddled over to give his surfboard to the unlucky boater. The boater, a man in a red sweater, used the surfboard to get safely back to shore. He was not injured and nobody else was on the boat with him.

Cady said: “My first concern was to make sure nobody else was on the boat.”

He continued to follow the sinking boat with his drone. The surfer, Ruskin, a middle school student, told WPEC everything happened so fast, but he paddled out to the man immediately when he saw what happened. “Just speaks about his character,” Ruskin’s father told WPEC. “He didn’t even blink an eye, jumped off his board, handed it to a grown man, saved his life. Came back and said, ‘Hey what’s for dinner dad?’���

Calby said that first aid responders had arrived by the time the boater made it back to the beach and it seemed that the man was ok.

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