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New DJI drone store opening today in Costa Mesa in Orange County, CA

A new DJI store will be opening today in Costa Mesa in Orange County, CA. It will offer the full range of products, services and support from DJI, the Chinese drone manufacturer that is considered the market leader.

The DJI store at 2927 Bristol St. in Costa Mesa is one of five DJI-authorized stores in the nation. The other four are in New York, Denver, San Diego and San Francisco. Store owner Patrick Smith proudly states that the new store will also be the largest in terms of storefront space.

Costa Mesa is the perfect location

During an interview with the LA Times on Friday Smith said with a laugh:

“I don’t like to be second for anything.”

According to Smith, Bristol St. is an ideal location in the heart of Orange County. The store is located between The Lab across the street and The Camp and South Coast Plaza nearby. Smith continued to say:

“We’ve always wanted to be in the heart of Orange County, so when the opportunity came to be one of the first to open up a DJI store, this was where we wanted to be.”

According to DJI Orange County Operations Manager Wesley Parsons, DJI drones come equipped with stabilized cameras and can serve recreational purposes — like taking photos or video to post on social media — or fill industrial niches in fields like agriculture and public safety. While other retailers like Best Buy and Target might sell some DJI products, they only sell the consumer models.

“You don’t have access to the higher-end cinematography or photography equipment at those locations,” Parsons said. “It’s only at a place like this that you can get it. We carry the entire product line.”

Full range of products on display

DJI Orange County provides customers with a single location to browse, shop, seek technical advice or repair their aircraft. The store has a very clean almost Apple-like layout with large tables displaying the various drones DJI offers, ranging from the small Spark to the large and expensive commercial drones such as the Inspire 2.

Large video screens show of the products and their capabilities. In the corner that is a caged-off area where you can test fly the drone of your choice.

The fact that a store only selling drones can even exist nowadays, demonstrates both the growth of the industry and the changing nature of its clientele, according to Smith.

“It’s like consumer electronics now,” he said. “It’s almost becoming an extension of your phone. Just like everyone carries a phone, I see people carrying little drones with them almost everywhere they go.”


DJI Orange County will have an official grand-opening celebration today starting at 10am. There will be product demonstrations, giveaways, souvenirs and promotional offers for visitors.

“The goal is to have the most amazing store in the United States, the largest one, and we’ve definitely accomplished that,” Smith said. “I want people when they walk through the doors to be like, ‘Wow! Whoa!’ and I hope that’s what we achieved. I have a feeling we did.”

Go to for more information on hours, products and services.



Mon – Fri: 10am – 7pm

Saturday: 10am – 5pm

Sunday: Closed



P: 949-333-4226

2927 Bristol St

Costa Mesa, Orange County 92626






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