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DJI to launch new product at 5pm PST on October 11th [teaser video]

DJI just released a teaser video on YouTube announcing a new product to be released at 8pm EST on October 11th. The video is called ‘Reflections” and talks about dreams and the tension between creator and his creation. The video ends with a shot of a lens and the DJI logo with “October 11, 2017″written below. In the description below it says: “Join us at 5pm PST on Oct 11, 2017 and meet the next stage in cinematic vision.”

So what could this new product from DJI possibly be?

Well let’s start with the text from the video:

What is it that allows us to dream, to fear, to feel.

Every flicker of light reflects the world around us and makes us who we are.

Our minds will not compromise, but keep on wondering. Looking for the images that reach our hearts.

The eternal tension between the creator and his creation is what gives us the desire to strive for perfection, in all that we do.

The text really doesn’t give us any specifics but what does stand out is that it talks about aspirations, emotions, light, images, creator, creation and perfection. Sounds pretty cinematic already don’t you think?

Let’s take a look at some of the scenes in the video now. The video can be roughly divided into two groups of scenes.

Wide angle drone shots

and handheld stabilized close-up (tele) shots

What else stands out from the video?

Well, a couple of things actually. First of all the video was uploaded in 4K. Not that we would expect anything else from DJI but still worth noting. Next, the aspect ratio seems to be 2.39 which indicates an anamorphic lens for cinematic footage. Many of the scenes were shot in low-light conditions, like the indoor shots of the theater. There were even some low-light action shots, such as the wheelies inside the building or at dusk. This all indicates that a large aperture lens must have been used. Maybe even in combination with a camera that can shoot at high iso without loss of quality of the footage.

So where does this leave us?

There really is any concrete information provided. Nor has any specs been leaked. But if we would have to take a guess, it seems that DJI might be releasing one or more new products:

  • A drone
  • A handheld stabilizer or gimbal


  • An anamorphic wide-angle cinema lens with a large aperture
  • An anamorphic tele cinema lens with a large aperture
  • Or an anamorphic zoom cinema lens with a large aperture

Or for the ultimate GoPro Karma-killer combo:

A drone/handheld gimbal combo with a large aperture, anamorphic, zoom cinema lens

Remember, DJI bought a majority stake in Hasselblad back in April. It seems entirely possible that DJI is about to introduce the ultimate cinematic drone/handheld gimbal combination.

Mark your calendars. October 11th. 5pm PST. And meet the next stage in cinematic vision.”




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