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DJI announces the DJI Endless Summer Sale Event

DJI just announced, for a limited time only, the DJI Endless Summer Sale Event with special discounts on various combinations of their products.

DJI Endless Summer Sale Event starting today:

  • Spark + OnePlus Backpack
  • Spark + 2 free Spark skins and a Spark T-Shirt
  • Mavic Pro + OnePlus Backpack
  • Mavic Pro + 2 free Mavic skins and a landing pad
  • Phantom 4 Pro + free propeller guards, 2 propeller sets and a landing pad
  • Osmo Mobile + OnePlus 5
  • Osmo Mobile + OnePlus Backpack
  • Osmo Mobile + free Osmo Base and Intelligent Battery

Furthermore, DJI also mentions special promotions starting on August 22nd:

  • Spark Student discount
  • A deal that will make your Mavic Pro unstoppable (no idea what that is)
  • A special on the Osmo Mobile
  • And a secret “money-in-the-bank” deal on the Phantom

So mark your calendars if you’d like to take advantage of any of these deals on August 22nd!



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